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Dining and Cafeteria

Students at New Era are served a nutritious and balanced diet that is tasty and includes a variety of items. We offer both vegetarian and non-vegetarian fare. These are prepared separately and served at dedicated vegetarian and non-vegetarian dining halls.


A regular meal includes pulses, rice, chapatti, vegetables, dairy products, fruit and salad. Non-vegetarian meals are served three times a week during dinner and breakfast. Snacks are served twice a day, morning and afternoon. The day ends with a nourishing glass of milk. On festival days a special menu is served.


To ensure that children eat properly, maintain a peaceful atmosphere and follow table etiquette they are supervised by dorm-parents, staff and Department Heads.


The School Canteen functions 4 days a week where students enjoy a variety of food items that include burgers, sandwiches, pizzas, etc. The School provides tokens to boarder students every week which can be used to purchase these items.

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