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Course Options

Language Requirements

New Era is an English medium school. The Second language is Hindi which is compulsory for all students from Standard I to VIII. The Third language is Marathi which is to be studied from Standard V to VIII and is compulsory for all students residing in India. Foreign students, however, are exempted from Marathi in all Standards. There is no Third Language in Standards IX and X. The School offers French, Gujarati, Hindi and Marathi as Second language options in standards IX and X.



Senior Secondary School

The Senior Secondary School offers both science, commerce and Arts/ Humanities stream.



A. English

B. Physics

C. Chemistry

D. Mathematics/Economics

E. Informatics Practices/Biology



A. English

B. Accountancy

C. Business Studies

D. Economics/Mathematics

E. Informatics Practices


A. English Core

B. Psychology/Home Science

C. Information Practices/Mass Media

D. Business Studies/Sociology/History

E. Economics /Mathematics/Business Administration/Political Science

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