Primary Annual Appreciation Day
Posted July 01, 2020

The Heartfelt Appreciation of the Young Learners!


The class wise, online streaming of Primary’s Annual Appreciation Day Programme was a unique, creative and historic event for the school, the students and the parents alike. The parents, children, grandparents, siblings, cousins near and far, sharing the same link to the invitation, were present to view the appreciation showered on the apples of their eyes!

Middle school workshops
Posted June 29, 2020
Welcome to the start of a new academic year 2020-21
Posted April 26, 2020

It is the time of the year when students and teachers start gearing up for the start of a fresh academic year. Children pack their bags enthusiastically to return to school and spend another exciting year with their friends and teachers.

But with the unique situation this year, we all are getting in the groove by readying all our electronic devices to attend the virtual classes and assignments.

To get the students back in the flow of their subjects teachers have provided some

worksheets to enhance their academics and also their creativity. Instructions and details of submission is provided within each worksheet.

Kindly click the respective  week to download the worksheets for your required grade & subjects:

* The respective links will be activated a day before the start of the week.

Update on new academic year 2020-21
Posted April 19, 2020

Keeping the well-being of the students, parents and staff at the centre of decision making, the last academic year 2019-2020 ended smoothly but at an earlier date, for which New Era High School is grateful for the outstanding support of all.


Being confident of your faith in the decisions of the school and looking at the current scenario in India, there is an announcement by the school administration for the new academic year 2020-21. 

The same is available both in English as well as in Hindi language for your comfort. Please click the preferred language button below to access the same.

Celebrations and Reflections on Spirituality

Posted February 21, 2020

"Set before thine eyes God’s unerring Balance and, as one standing in His Presence, weigh in that Balance thine actions every day, every moment of thy life."

The Spiritual education programme in the Primary contains books from Grade 1 to 5, which are aimed at encouraging the children to use the teachings of God to guide their decisions and actions in life, consciously striving to make choices according to the standards set out in the Holy Writings.

Should we wish, we can light the candle of our hearts with the flame of the love of God or set our affections on worldly things; we can become well-wishers of the world, or we can desire misfortune for others; we can choose to be just or unjust. All these choices are under our control.

Hence, to encourage us to make the right choice, the theme for the programme was ‘Principled Decision Making’.

Grade 1 contains 24 lessons, each structured around a spiritual quality. These lessons hope to contribute to the development of the character of children. The Class I children narrated wonderful stories that they have learnt in Moral class about how Abdu’l Baha demonstrated the qualities of love, justice and joy. The little ones ended the last story on joy with a wonderful dance on the song ‘Joy gives us wings to fly’.

Grade 2 focuses on some aspect of the habits and patterns on conduct that are a manifestation of the inner qualities addressed in Grade 1. The children of Grade 2 performed a puppet show which aimed to develop the habit of engaging in consultation. The Rajasthan themed puppet show helped us to understand the power of consultation and how it helped the villagers rebuild their village after being hit by a hurricane.

The lessons of Grade 3 are intended to build on Grade 1 and 2 by strengthening in the minds of the children the connection between the teachings of God’s Manifestations and the qualities and patterns of conduct.

Whenever a new Manifestation of God appears, the first ones to believe in Him are called upon to perform deeds of great heroism. The drama by students of primary told the story of one such hero- Anis with whom the Bab chose to share the Crown of martyrdom. The audience watched a principled decision made by this young boy Anis, even as all his family and friends rose against him in the form of a spell-binding drama which left the audience speechless and emotional as the grand finale for the programme. The children of Grade 3 also performed a musical drama based on the story of the champion of the cause of the equality of men and women who heroically died for women’s emancipation as a follower of the Bab, Tahirih. There also was a display of other social reformers like Savitribai and Mahatma Phule, Sudha and Narayan Murthy, Malala Yousufzai, Raja Ram Mohan Roy. We also had two children dressed up as the Norwegian King Harold and a Norwegian writer Camilla Collett who are both well known and appreciated for their support of this noble cause.

The children of Grade 4 also danced on meaningful songs that they have learnt in their Moral classes. The audience watched energetic dances on the song ‘Radiance’ which reminds us that God’s love for us never ceases to illuminate our hearts, ‘Looking for Good’ which helps us reflect we need to look for good in each other and be compassionate and ‘Light Up the Whole Wide World’ which is urging humanity to mingle with people of every religion, race, nation and class with love and kindness in our hearts which will eventually lead the world to oneness. The audience tapped to the beats of these peppy songs as the children enamoured them with beautiful choreography.

As we weigh our actions in God’s unerring Balance, we must know what it means? How is it that we come to know about the Balance? It is through the Holy Writings. The children memorise quotations in their moral classes which could be recalled to identify some of the teachings that they have learned in the past. The students of Grade 5 that is done with Class V reminded us of the quotations that they have memorised in Class I, II and III which help them to make sound moral decisions. They recited three quotations:

“The Kingdom of God is founded upon equity and justice, and also upon mercy, compassion, and kindness to every living soul.”

“It is the greatest longing of every soul who is attracted to the Kingdom of God to find time to turn with entire devotion to his Beloved, so as to seek His bounty and blessing and immerse himself in the ocean of communion, entreaty and supplication.”

“The fundamental purpose animating the Faith of God and His Religion is to safeguard the interests and promote the unity of the human race, and to foster the spirit of love and fellowship amongst men.”

The Holy Writings have been given by God as a guide to the spiritual path and calls on us to strive to follow the counsels of the Holy Books. The choice of good or bad actions is subject to the free will of each person. One person who made the right choice to show dedication, hard work and remarkable courage was Kalpana Chawla. The audience watched a skit by Class VI students based on the life of this distinguished woman.

The Primary Department conducts many activities throughout the year which contributes to the children’s academic and spiritual development. These are the roots which facilitates principled decision making in the children. The audience understood the wealth of opportunities afforded to the children to develop their qualities through a video presentation.


Arts, crafts and sciences uplift the world of being, and are conducive to its exaltation. Art can be used to spread the message of peace and love. The beautiful artwork presented on the stage was a creation of students of our school with the help and guidance of the art teachers. There was a deep message hidden in the art. To guide us towards principled decision making, we use the teachings of God as a foundation. The teachings, such as investigation of truth, the oneness of humanity, freedom from prejudice, the equality of women and men and the education of all people was beautifully expressed in this art project.

Every child of Primary is being trained since November 2019 to play the keyboard by teachers from the Furtados School of Music. They have classes once a week where they learn the basics of keyboard. Our young children of Primary performed a melodious song accompanied by their music teachers.

The girls of Primary are being trained in Kathak by experienced teachers from Pune. The girls put on a Kathak performance on the song ‘Hansadhwani’ which left the audience mesmerised.

To get the audience off their feet, the children performed a wonderful action song as they shared their dream of a united world with colourful pom-poms in their hands.

We are living a dream of one world

Hoping that one day we will Love as we were meant to love

We are living a dream of one world

Hoping that one day we will

live as we were meant to live

As one planet, one people

Please God we may achieve it

One planet, One people, please ...

Middle School Annual Exhibition 2019-20

Posted February 21, 2020

The Middle School Annual Interdisciplinary Exhibition was held on February 7, 2020. The exhibition opened the doors for the parents to witness the spectacular and innovative exhibits made by the junior youth.

The venue glittered with colourful vocational trinkets prepared by the young artists under the guidance of professionals. There was an array of displays from the various trades like emboss paintings, soft toys, photo frames, jute, pottery, embroidery, long stitch, crochet items and so on. The on-lookers were spellbound at the sight and wondered whether these were made by the children. The exhibition had a variety of working and still models prepared by the skilled hands of the students. The exhibition provided the students an opportunity to showcase their creativity and innovation in preparing working models based on scientific principles. It helped them in research and to broaden their scientific knowledge as well as other subjects as it was an interdisciplinary exhibition.

The canteen area was overcrowded as the food stall of mouth watering delicacies prepared by the Vegetarian Cooking students was put up there. The funds raised at the stall as customary will be used for the benefit of the underprivileged children in the vicinity during the Intercalary Days. The parents were in awe after eating such delicious pav bhaji and cheese corn bolls. They were also proud of their children who had exhibited such beautiful models.

The interdisciplinary exhibition comprised of the following models:

Class VI

Pinhole Camera, Domains of the Earth, Polluted city, Rainwater harvesting, Street light system, Rural Life, Quodacopter, Solar irrigation, Helicopter model, India gate model, Earthquake alarm, Electronic car, Landform, Village model, windmill

Pass locker, Kaleidoscope, Power of Air pressure, Generator, Pollution, hydroelectric power plant, optical illusion, mass rover, Bermuda triangle

Class VII

Conservation of water, Water tank indicator, Hydraulic weight lifter, Deadly red ATM machine, Chocolate ATM, Roof top rainwater harvesting, Railway signal, Future city, Windmill, water bulb, Air cooler, Bubble machine, water dispenser, Table fan, Urban and Rural area, Model of kidney, Model of respiratory system, Solar house, Work of river, Forms of energy, Tornado model, Tesla coil, water level indicator, Double twist, Smart toy, Water supply to homes, modern city, zoom in zoom out machine, Concentration game, Light house, layers of atmosphere, Corona virus.

Class VIII

Hydraulic elevator, Drip irrigation, Cell structure (animal/plant), Waste water treatment plant, Ornicopter, water level indicator, Hydraulic elevator. Earthquake formation, Biogas plant, rainwater harvesting, laser security system, spin and win game, solar cooker, balance of population, Quiz board (biology), Structure of Volcano, How steady is your hand, Infiltration of water, Agricultural practices, RC car, Solar system, Air purifier, Power resource, Cover the circle game, Smoke absorbing machine, Taj Mahal, Hydraulic bridge, Seismograph, Math Puzzle, Wobble detector.

Walking a Mile Further to Impart Comprehensive Learning  


To broaden the horizon of the young and zealous learners, the Middle School has just completed a series of distinct sessions on a variety of topics for the students to explore.

A workshop was arranged for Class VIII on June 18 and 19,2020, on the legendary work of Shakespeare by an extremely well read English faculty. The famous characters of Shakespearean plays were introduced. The playwright’s sonnets and quotes were mentioned explaining the significance of some. The genres of various plays like comedy, tragedy and so on were discussed. It was explained how Bollywood was also inspired to render his plays into movies. The young audience was taken on a virtual tour of Shakespeare’s home at Stratford on Avon, England. At the close of the workshop a short quiz was offered by the resource person in which the students participated very enthusiastically. The students were inspired to take up reading of Shakespeare’s plays. The workshop was wound up with the famous quote from the play, Romeo and Juliet, “Parting is such sweet sorrow that I’ll say goodnight till it be morrow.”

'The Magic of Vedic Mathematics' was yet another initiative for the students of Class VI on June 18 and 19, 2020 held in two sessions after the school hours. It was facilitated by an experienced Mathematics faculty. The facilitator introduced easier and faster ways of calculating and discussed multiplication of the numbers with the same base and different base. The joy of achieving correct answers to complicated calculations within seconds, was accompanied with the feeling of accomplishment. As the session was drawing to an end, the students had developed confidence in solving multiplication of larger numbers with great ease!

A special Social Science workshop for Class VII was on June 19 and 20, 2020, to provide an insight into the Preamble of the Constitution of India. With the help of senior Social Science faculty members, the students gained knowledge regarding many civic terms such as sovereign, secular and fraternity. The guest speakers enlightened the students to assist the young minds and hearts to become more responsible citizens of the country.

‘Health Awareness and Hygiene’ was another theme of a series of different workshops. The girls of Classes VII, VIII and IX were addressed by a renowned gynaecologist, Dr Bharti Bodhe, on June 27,2020. The students of Class VI were also guided on ‘Health Awareness and Hygiene’, through a counselling session facilitated by Dr. Radha Rost. Dr. Shantanu Abhyankar , the renowned gynaecologist and counsellor, addressed the boys of Class VII on June 30, 2020 and of Class VIII on July 1, 2020. Dr. Bodhe gave an engaging talk on an array of topics ranging from self-care during the pandemic to understanding the benefits of physical hygiene and fitness. The respected doctors also provided knowledge about simple home remedies for minor ailments, stressing upon the importance of exercise and physical activity to build up a stronger immune system. Dr. Radha's talk was based on the writing of Abdu’l-Baha. ‘And although bodily cleanliness is a physical thing, it hath, nevertheless, a powerful influence on the life of the spirit. It is even as a voice wondrously sweet, or a melody played: although sounds are but vibrations in the air which affect the ear’s auditory nerve, and these vibrations are but chance phenomena carried along through the air, even so, see how they move the heart. A wondrous melody is wings for the spirit, and maketh the soul to tremble for joy. The purport is that physical cleanliness doth also exert its effect upon the human soul’. The facilitator brought forth the value of cleanliness, not only of the body but also of the soul by giving an example where the body is compared to the chariot, the soul and the intellect to a charioteer and the mind to the reins. The senses are controlled by the mind and when they are controlled well, it is like a good charioteer with trained horses. Our soul and body have close connection and hence it is important to take good care of the body as well as the soul. Physical health impacts spiritual health and vice versa. A few short stories related to health and hygiene were narrated to the students. On a very friendly note Dr. Shantanu Abhyankar addressed the boys of Class VII. Introducing adolescence to them, he explained with precision the physical and emotional changes in boys during this period. He also praised the school for arranging these sessions, else the students of this age might seek information from misleading sources.

These special sessions for the students on varied topics were very well received by the enthusiastic students. Apart from providing regular academic learning, New Era once again walked a mile further for its dear students!

* Calendar 2020-21 is on hold

Upcoming Events


MON  APR 20, 10:00 AM


- First day of Ridván

- Update on the new academic year 2020-21

TUE  APR 21, 10:00 AM


- Video conference calls between small groups of parents and coordinators will be arranged from 21st to 24th April 2020.

THU  APR 23, 10:00 AM


- Orientation calls between  small groups of new parents and coordinators will be arranged from 23rd to 25th April 2020.

MON  APR 27, 10:00 AM


- Upload of assignments / activities / worksheets of first week for grades I to X

MON  APR 27, 10:00 AM


- Virtual classes begin for grade XII of all subjects.

TUE  APR 28, 09:00 AM


- Ninth day of Ridván

FRI  MAY 01, 09:00 AM


- Twelfth day of Ridván

- Maharashtra day

MON  MAY 04, 10:00 AM


- Upload of assignments / activities / worksheets of second week for grades I to X

MON  MAY 04, 10:00 AM


- Ice breakers for new students of grades VII to IX with alumni of NEHS in small from 4th to 10th May 2020

MON  MAY 11, 10:00 AM


- Upload of assignments / activities / worksheets of third week for grades I to X

MON  MAY 18, 09:00 AM


- Virtual classes begin for grades I to X

TUE  JUN 09, 09:00 AM


- Parent Teacher meeting for grade XII

FRI  JUN 19, 09:00 AM


- Annual Appreciation Day for grade I to VI

WED  JUN 24, 09:00 AM


- PT01 Exams for grade XII & X

FRI  JUN 26, 09:00 AM


- Virtual classes begin for grades XI

WED  JUL 01, 09:00 AM


- PT01 exam for grade IX

FRI  JUL 03, 02:00 PM


- Spell Bee Round I for grade I to V

MON  JUL 06, 09:30 AM


- PT01 exam for grade VI to VIII

THU  JUL 09, 12:00 AM


- Commemoration of the Martyrdom of the Báb

SAT  JUL 11, 11:00 AM


- Formation of Executive Committee of PTA

- Spelling Bee Round II for grade I to V

TUE  JUL 14, 09:00 AM


- PT01 exam for grade I to V

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