Presenting the Planetarium Show…

Posted December 30, 2019

Suspicere Stellas! Look up at the Stars! To quote an Astrophysicist, “We are not at the end but at the beginning of a new physics. But whatever we find, there will always be new horizons continually awaiting us.” This was a prolific event for those whose gaze is always fixed on the stars, aiming to look at the brighter side of life! Space and Universe were the themes for all those who longed to unravel the infinite mysteries of the galaxy! As a part of a weekend activity on Sunday, December 15, 2019, an event was organised by the school involving the participation of students from Class I to Class X. A portable planetarium was set up in the school auditorium which helped the students disentangle the marvels of the Universe. Another upcoming event on similar themes would be the theatre fest of middle school which will enrich the knowledge of this branch of Science with the help of stories of Kalpana Chawla, APJ Abdul Kalam and some myths associated with eclipse etc will be portrayed via drama on December 27, 2019. Even the parade of Primary on Sports Day will have a similar starry theme! A variety of shows were displayed on this day in the portable planetarium as per the age and classes of the students. The students of Classes I, II and III were introduced to the universe through an animated story about tiny moles and the reverberating chocolate planet! The show introduced the enigmatic Andromeda galaxy, our planet, Earth and the other planets in the solar system. A creative way of learning was presented by an animated video for Classes IV and V showing the journey of two grasshoppers from the Earth to the other planets in search of life. Each planet was described as well as the asteroid belt present between the planets, Mars and Jupiter. The video ended with the grasshoppers realizing that the Earth is the best place to live in. The students of Classes VI, VII and VIII were introduced to a module based on the Big Bang theory which led to the formation of the universe. It covered the topics of various galaxies, the nebula, the birth and the death of a star, the phenomena of Super Nova, the solar system and the planets with their description. The module gives a message, that the Earth is our only home and we need to protect it from being destroyed. The students of Classes IX and X were introduced to the Origin of Life describing how life began on our planet as a single celled prokaryotic organism. Simultaneously, the video progressed into the distant past, unfolding the mysteries of the formation of the universe due to the Big Bang theory and focused on the formation of stars, the solar system and planets. This scintillating event has opened the doors to Astronomy, and introduced the students to a whole new tantalising world of space, matter and cosmos!

The Celebration of Children's Day

Posted December 30, 2019

On the occasion of Children’s Day, on November 14, 2019 the students of New Era High School celebrated the day with their teachers who performed for them along with it the children also visited differently abled, orphanage and underprivileged. After the variety of presentations by all staff of the school, the children enjoyed chocolates , special lunch and the movie ‘Mission Mangal’. As New Era believes the most meritorious act towards humanity is servitude which can bind hearts throughout the world. The children, junior youth and the youths of the school went on the carry the act of servitude near our micro region. The students of middle school also had the unique privilege of celebrating the Children's Day together with the students of the Panchgani Municipal Schools for boys and girls. They went separately in two groups and chanted prayers and sang songs for the other students. It was a pleasure to witness the students of the Municipal School join New Era students for singing together, ‘We are drops.....’ After a brief interaction delicious snacks were shared with them making it a festive occasion. In this noble way of celebration, the prefects of Classes IX and X and the students of Class XI Commerce were accompanied to schools for special children in Wai and Panchwad to practice spirit of service in action. The visit is described below in the words of Aadi Surve of Class IXA: - “When we started the trip, I expected it to be like any other one but on reaching the school for special children we saw a small two storied building where students ranging from 4years to 19 years were waiting to welcome us with their warm smiles. We were received by the Principal and a teacher who narrated to us the history of the institute. These children had challenges and learning difficulties making us understand that their brain development was slow but their hearts and souls had absolutely no defects whatsoever! They were friendly, cheerful, warm and accommodating. I thought that they would be different but how wrong I was! They were double in compassion and their passions, ambitions and even emotions were expressed by their actions. My mindset was completely changed by interacting with them..” On Children’s Day, a group of students of Class V showed their servitude by visiting few children in the Markers Property and involved them by praying for them, playing with them and spending time with them. Our students learned to be happy and content in whatever situation they are as they observed that the children whom they visited were not wearing footwear and proper clothes. Students are learning many stories of Abdul-Baha, how He served everyone without any discrimination. The children too got a chance to serve and feel how others feel when they don’t have enough things to survive. Our children mingled with the children there with utmost friendliness and love. Few of them actually fed the children with their own hands and felt what is being compassionate and experienced the virtue ‘Servitude’. During the Camp of class IV the children visited a orphanage in Mahabaleshwar and had an interactive session where the children taught them quotations and songs which they had learnt in the school and in the camp. The day ended with fond memories of the happy and joyful faces in the orphanage which will be remembered for years to come. Another group of Class V students visited Z.P.School of Taighat. The teachers who accompanied the students were Mr. Ganesh, Ms. Elsie and Ms.Rekha. All were warmly welcomed by the teachers of Taighat School. Our students chanted some prayers along with the students of Taighat School. The students from Taighat School also chanted some prayers in Marathi in a prayerful attitude and also sang some Marathi and English songs. Then our students sang some songs which they have learnt in their moral classes. The songs were “Love, Love, Love,” We are drops and “Roll Over the Ocean”. They tried to teach them these songs with actions. Students enjoyed singing these songs. Further, the students had conversation with each other while having their snacks. Our students mingled with them very well. Our students were very happy to spend their time sharing their knowledge with others. Overall, the visit to the Z.P. School of Taighat was indeed interactive and fruitful. The celebration of the Children’s Day thus concluded on a note of selflessness gratifying the hearts and souls of the young students and making them conscious of the larger purpose of their life, that is, selfless service.

A Spate of Service Activities in memory of Mahatma Gandhi

Posted December 30, 2019

“An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it. Truth stands, even if there be no public support. It is self sustained.” Mahatma Gandhi ‘the Father of the Nation’, Mr. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was remembered on his 150th birth anniversary across the school on October 02, 2019. Optimism comes alive when one witnesses the youth partaking with vigour in cleanliness programmes and assemblies organized across the school with special emphasis on climate change. The Primary School celebrated Gandhi Jayanti, Peace Celebration and generated an awareness for Climate Change. Speeches and quotes were shared by the young ones on the life of Mahatma Gandhi and a video was shown. To make the children aware of the climatic changes taking place globally a skit based on the book – Walking on the Straight Path - was presented followed by a video on Reduce, Recycle and Reuse. The speech given by Greta Thunberg, a young Swedish environmental activist for climate change, was also recounted to the children. The Middle School students of Class VII attended the assembly hosted by the Secondary and Senior Secondary School after which they proceeded in their respective groups for ‘Tree Plantation’ held at Kanga ground. The other groups of Class VII partook in the cleaning activity on Chesson road and the school campus. The Secondary and Senior Secondary School organized a special assembly during which they eulogised the roles of Mahatma Gandhi and the former Prime Minister, Lal Bahadur Shastri. The students delivered profound speeches and shared the quotes of the two ostensibly simple but outstanding leaders. Mahatma Gandhi’s perspective on climate change was shared and a poem was recited on the need to conserve nature. The guests of honour for the event, Mr. Naved Aminian, an ex student as well as former staff member of the school along with his spouse, Ms. Louisa, graced the occasion edifying all with their insightful thoughts on the great world leader, his philosophy, the role of education and the menace of climate change. Mr. Naved, who was welcomed and described as one of the best teachers with immense knowledge, spoke about the role of global warming caused due to pollution, smoking, use of vehicles and mainly due to the world’s greed, asserting that it was the responsibility of each citizen to help in reducing climate changes by controlling their own insatiability. He also spoke about his affinity with New Era which meant the world to him. Ms. Louisa shared that in China Mahatma Gandhi has been called the greatest hero. She expressed her views on climate change by giving the example of the Indian communities who use banana leaves for various purposes rather than using the manufactured material and opined that the Chinese could learn this concept from the Indians.

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