“Think ye at all times of rendering some service to every member of the human race.”

                                                                                                                                                   Abdu’l Baha.

After a lapse of two years the auditorium of New Era reverberated with soulful prayers to begin the Prefects and Captains’ Investiture Ceremony on May 28, 2022. The occasion was graced as the chief guests by, Dr. Gautam Singh and Dr. Roya Singh who are fondly remembered as vibrant and dynamic ex-students of the school and are serving the society as renowned doctors and owners of a school in Delhi.

The election process was conducted prior to the event where votes were cast by both teachers and students to elect the most deserving students and later vetoed by the Prefect Board and Academic Panel. The significance of selfless service was explained to the students bringing forth the role of prefects and captains as willingness to serve fellow friends, teachers and the institution, taking up responsibility and ownership and that they lead with example of humility and dedication.

The beautiful Oath taken by these youthful leaders says, "I, …………. promise to be an example of good character for the students of New Era High School and Senior Secondary, and to guide them so they will grow and develop into wholesome young men and women which will be a unifying and constructive force in the world that they are preparing to enter.

I accept the responsibility. of upholding the rules that govern the functioning of the New Era High School and Senior Secondary community.

The honourable chief guest, Dr. Gautam addressed the audience and said that the leaders can become successful and effective leaders only when the followers support them and follow them sincerely if they themselves are exemplary in action. His simple yet heart touching words were enough to convey the message of true leadership effectively.

The ceremony was concluded by the Head of Administration, Mrs. Suniti Jha, with words of encouragement and motivation, asking each student to uphold the dignity of the school ties they all wore.

A Little Mid-Week Magic!
Posted June 08, 2022

The children from Classes I to VI witnessed a magic show programme which was conducted on the 24th of May, 2022. It was a holiday in school as the holy day marks the Declaration of the Bab, who in 1844 announced that He was a new divine Messenger. The children were taken to the Amphitheatre for the magic show. The show consisted of many tricks and mirages which the children watched excitedly. The children cheered each and every act put up by the magician. They were thrilled to be part of the show as the magician called a few of them to the stage. The show kept the children engrossed and happy throughout with many magic tricks. Their warm smiles and merry laughter showed that they thoroughly enjoyed the programme!


On May 5, 2022, class 10 ( 2021-22) had the 1st session on ‘Career Counselling’. The students wrote 3 tests that were not just related to academics but also to their social and individual lives.

This activity created self-awareness amongst the students. They also realized their strengths and weaknesses. This process assists the students to understand themselves better, study the various fields of service and then make career, educational, and life decisions.

Based on these tests, Ms. Smriti Deshpande will now generate individual reports describing their Standard Progressive Matrices (For general Intelligence level), Multidimensional Personality Assessment (For personality attributes), and David's Battery of Differential Abilities (For aptitude and abilities). This will be followed by one-to-one counselling of the student along with their parents.

An orientation programme was arranged from May 5 to 7, 2022, for the newly joined junior youth of Class IX to acquaint them with the Junior Youth Spiritual Empowerment Programme conducted in the school. The junior youth studied the book, Spirit of Faith, animated by teachers and aspiring student animators together. The book caters to the holistic development of the junior youth bringing forth profound concepts and themes which aid them to comprehend spirituality and the reality of the laws of nature. It encourages them to think about the purpose of physical reality in a spiritual and scientific way.

The various themes they pondered over and discussed were: True Identity (Light of truth, light of love, light of knowledge and light of a good character), Fear of God (Higher nature and lower nature), Material and Spiritual Progress, Volition, Free will (Making the right moral choices), Power of Intellect, Power of Speech, Power of Discovery and observation, Theory of Evolution and the Five Degrees of Spirit.

The junior youth were actively involved in creative activities based on the themes. They penned their opinions on profound themes like the elements that hamper the society's progress, demonstrated the message of the boat being sailed by the aid of the wind where the captain uses the wind to take the boat to its destination guided by the Almighty, wove paper patterns to portray that we are like weavers who have been given the frame, strands and yarns to choose our own patterns. We develop the powers and talents God has bestowed upon us through free will and volition. They also memorised quotations and inferred the meaning.

These junior youth participated in the reflection programme based on their learning on May 12, 2022, wherein they presented charts demonstrating the concepts learnt, recited quotations memorised by them and concluded the reflection by bringing forth the essence of the book in the form of a long chart which depicted the five degrees of the spirit. The first spirit is the vegetable spirit which has the power of extracting nutrients from its environment and growing. The second is the animal spirit which has an added power of the senses and instinct. The third is the human spirit which has all the powers of the vegetable and animal species, but in addition, it has the power of imagination, thought and understanding and the power of speech. The fourth is the spirit of faith which illumines the human spirit to walk the spiritual path. Teaches us to understand the spiritual and material rewards. The fifth is the Holy spirit which originates from God, the Creator.

The Orientation Programme for the newly joined students provides a space for the students to get familiar with the school's conceptual framework. In this unique endeavour, the school orientated the newly joined students of Class VII with the Junior Youth Spiritual Empowerment Programme through the study of a book on May 5-7, 2022. This study was conducted by the student animators of Class XII who dedicated their time to rendering service for a noble cause of guiding the junior youth. Together they studied the book, ‘Breezes of Confirmation, which is a story of Musonda, a girl of 13, and her cousin Rose, along with Musonda’s brother Godwin and his friend Chishimba. The characters think about their future career goals and discuss the concept of making sincere efforts and receiving help, or confirmations, from God. The junior youth were encouraged to discuss these topics and execute acts of service such as teaching the young ones, rendering a talk on nutrition, and sharing fruits with those having lesser means. The students enjoyed artistic activities such as making pop–up heart cards reflecting the learning “ ….. let your heartburn with loving-kindness for all who may cross your path.”


They also enjoyed the craft activity of making a yellow bird that they had studied about which makes an effort to fly and the wind gives it a push to fly higher. The students further demonstrated their dramatizing skills by enacting the story of the book. Through an interesting game of eating sweets without bending the elbow, the junior youth concluded that this task was possible only by preferring the others over oneself. The fact that they were quick enough to figure this out was a ratification of their understanding of the profound thought …. “ Blessed is he who preferreth his brother before himself.” The junior youth visited the health centre and attended an inspiring talk by the doctor about career choices rendering service to humanity. Displaying their joy in learning, and understanding the theme of the book, the junior youth came together to put up a beaming chart. The three-day orientation culminated with the grand reflection that the junior youth presented to their friends in the Middle School on May 11, 2022.

Love and Care for Animals!
Posted June 08, 2022

Children visited the Animal Shelter run by Janice's Trust on the 1st of May, 2022. They were happy to see dogs, puppies, kittens, cats, and donkeys. The history of Janice Smith's Animal Rescue Centre in Panchgani was given to the children. The children were delighted to feed biscuits to the animals. Many children remembered their pets at home and were happy to be among the animals.

Update on new academic year 2020-21
Posted April 19, 2020

Keeping the well-being of the students, parents and staff at the centre of decision making, the last academic year 2019-2020 ended smoothly but at an earlier date, for which New Era High School is grateful for the outstanding support of all.


Being confident of your faith in the decisions of the school and looking at the current scenario in India, there is an announcement by the school administration for the new academic year 2020-21. 


The same is available both in English as well as in Hindi language for your comfort. Please click the preferred language button below to access the same.

Upcoming Events


FRI MAY 27, 9:00 AM

- Art Workshop for Classes VI-VIII.


Commemoration of the Ascension of Bahá’u’lláh.

MON MAY 30, 3:30 PM

- Inter Cluster Basketball practice begins.

MON JUN 06, 9:00 AM

Adolescence Education Workshop commences.

- Inter Cluster Basketball Tournament commences.

MON JUN 13, 2:00 PM

- CBSE Class XII, Term II Examination 2021-2022 ends.

WED JUN 15, 3:00 PM

- Sports Week for Classes I-V begins.

FRI JUN 19, 3:00 PM

- Sports Week for Classes I-V ends.

MON JUN 20, 3:30 PM

- Indoor Games practice commences.

TUE JUN 21, 9:00 AM

-Observation of International Yoga Day and World Music Day.

SAT JUN 25, 9:30 AM

- Class XI students report to school. (Streams: Commerce, Humanities, and Science)

MON JUN 27, 8:30 AM

- Periodic Test 1 for Classes I- X and XII begins.

SAT JUN 29, 3:30 PM

- Periodic Test 1 for Classes I- X and XII ends.

THUR JUN 30, 8:30 AM

- Junior Youth Spiritual Empowerment Camp for Class VII begins.

FRI JUL 01, 8:30 AM

- Study Circle Camp for Class X begins.

SAT JUL 02, 3:30 PM

Junior Youth Spiritual Empowerment Camp for Class VII ends.

- Study Circle Camp for Class X ends.

MON JUL 04, 3:30 PM

Sports Week for Classes IX-XII begins.

TUE JUL 05, 3:30 PM

Sports Week for Classes VI-VIII begins.

THUR JUL 07, 3:30 PM

Sports Week for Classes VI-VIII ends.

FRI JUL 08, 3:30 PM

Sports Week for Classes IX-XII ends.


Commemoration of the Ascension of The Báb.

MON JUL 11, 3:30 PM

Parents’ Teachers’ Meeting for Day Boarders Classes I- X and XII.

SAT JUL 16, 8:30 AM

Elocution/Dramatics, Classes VII and VIII.

- Spelling Bee, Classes I-VI.

FRI JUL 22, 8:30 AM

Elocution/Dramatics, Classes IX and X.

- Annual Appreciation Day for Classes I-VI.

- Parents’ Teachers’ Meeting for Boarders Classes I- VI.

SAT JUL 23, 8:30 AM

Annual Appreciation Day for Classes VII-XII.

- Parents’ Teachers’ Meeting for Boarders Classes VII-X and XII.

SUN JUL 24, 8:30 AM

Monsoon Vacation begins. (tentative)

MON AUG 01, 9:30 AM

School Foundation Day.

MON AUG 15, 8:00 AM

Independence Day.

SUN SEPT 04, 9:00 AM

Monsoon Vacation ends.  (tentative)

- Students return from Monsoon Vacation.

MON SEPT 05, 8:30 AM

Classes resume.

- Teachers’ Day.