The year 2021 elapses leaving behind a treasure of memories with our beloved students of Classes IX to XII on the school campus which has filled us with gratitude towards the Almighty for the blessed year that witnessed the possibility of bringing a few classes back on campus. A new year brings along an excitement of unseen moments, a hope of a brighter time ahead and we wholeheartedly pray that the coming year, 2022 will bring along the opportunity to witness the long-awaited desire of welcoming all the students of the school back on the campus.

Wishing each one a healthy, joyful, and blessed year ahead! Happy New Year!

Innovative Experiments in Home Labs!
Posted December 09, 2021

The Science faculty of the Middle School engaged the students in conducting experiments and practical learning although miles away from the laboratory. The activity to understand the concept of electrolysis and conductivity of liquids was explained to the students and was asked to be done practically as an assignment. The students carried out the activity with utmost enthusiasm where they tried out the experiment with various liquids like tap water, lemon water, soap solution, and vinegar. The process of electrolysis is carried out by taking a liquid like lemon juice in a container and inserting two electrodes in it which are connected to the terminals of a battery with a bulb between them. The bulb is lit indicating that the liquid is a conductor of electricity.

The students carried out this activity and sent the video recording for the teachers to witness the completion of the assignment proving to them how well they have understood the concept and learning does not stop with any barriers if imparted with a pure heart.

A Knowledge Full of Spice!
Posted November 24, 2021

A thought-provoking virtual camp, based on the book ‘Observation and Insight’, organized for the students of Class IX from October 11 to October 16, 2021, aimed at honing the junior youth's observation skills and enhancing their spiritual and scientific capabilities. It is the school's innate belief that these empowered junior youth will grow into active supporters of the well-being of their communities.

The camp was followed by a parents' gathering on October 31, 2021, elucidating the physical concepts of light connected to the spiritual notions of the light of unity, the light of knowledge, and the light of oneness of humanity. The parents thoughtfully studied the quotation: "So powerful is the light of unity that it can illuminate the whole earth". They were also apprised of the fact that their children were bestowed the opportunity to have profound discussions on the order and purpose in the Universe while they were participating in the camp. The following quotation was readout for the parents in this context, "When we carefully investigate the kingdoms of existence and observe the phenomena of the universe about us, we discover the absolute order and perfection of creation". They were involved in a discussion about medicinal plants that can help to maintain health and these were duly identified.

After the gathering, the students and parents re-joined the main group for the virtual tour to Munnar Spice Plantation in Kerala. India is very popular for spices all around the world. Kerala is known as the spice garden of India as it has a variety of spices and is world-famous for it. The students were introduced to the vast variety of spices and understood the importance and uses of such a vast variety of spices.

Hydroponic Farm was another virtual tour, located in Mumbai which was a wondrous world of spices and vegetables. Hydroponics is the method of growing crops without soil. It is a clean and effective way to grow nutrient-rich veggies in a small, contained environment. It uses less water, has fewer chemicals and the plants are a lot healthier.

These elevating interactions brought the beloved parents on a congenial platform, evoking a deep understanding of the true education being imparted to the apples of their eyes!

Delving into the Spirit of Faith!
Posted November 24, 2021

The students, teachers, and parents of Class VIII met for an illuminated gathering based on the book, ‘Spirit of Faith’ on October 29, 2021, wherein four quotations of the book were discussed and comprehended together to understand how Science and Religion go hand in hand. This gave the parents an opportunity to experience the joy their children find in learning at New Era.

“Equipped with his five senses, man explores the universe around him and called the adventure- Science.”

The discussions on such qutations were followed by a workshop,‘Be an Astronomer’ especially arranged for the junior youth so that they don’t miss their yearly JYSEP camps. It was an informative session regarding the universe, the planets, their position and the celestial beings in the solar system. The different types of telescopes and their working was also shown virtually. The students were absolutely delighted to watch and gain knowledge from the experienced spokesperson who also sent a link for an application that they could download and access astronomical views without the help of a telescope. It was a thrilling journey into the unknown whereby the curious minds of the children enthralled themselves with beautiful images and knowledge imparted to them. The live images of astronauts working in space stations and different videos depicting their daily lives, along with their eating and drinking habits imparted a fascinating adventure to the students who were captivated with the spectacular images. The story of the Big Bang Story was also shown to them stoking their spirit of inquiry. Finally, they were given an activity to make a model of a Spacecraft which they actively prepared and submitted to the class groups thus ending this spellbinding trip into outer space which made them delve deep into the life of the spirit!

A Virtual Tour to the Jantar Mantar

The virtual tour to the historical Jantar Manter commenced live from Rajasthan for the students of Class VII. The facilitator explained to them the foundation of Jantar Mantar, built by Maharaja Jai Singh II of Jaipur in 1723. Information about the tropics such as the Equator, the Tropic of Cancer, and the Tropic of Capricorn was imparted, riveting the attention of the students, along with an explanation of the numbers and degrees carved on the walls of the sundial. The ‘Tiger Fort’, the grandiose residence of Maharaja Jai Singh was specified to the wonder of the young learners. The circles used in the calculation were explained. As part of an activity, the students were guided about the use of a compass which led to the sharing of the activity of Cardinal Points and Intermediate Directions on class WhatsApp groups, involving the students in yet another informative and creative process which was an intriguing diversion from textbook learning.

Boosting Creativity (3-D Pop up)
Posted November 24, 2021

As a part of experiential learning, the students of Class VI were given a beautiful opportunity to have a creative virtual session on October 29, 2021 during which they learnt to make 3-D pop-up books. The facilitator commenced the session by teaching the students about folds while making the 3-D pop-up models. Three different cuts, the Cubic, the Diamond (Puppet Cut) and the Fan Cut were taught which were thereafter emulated by the students. The session delighted and engrossed the students as this was something very different and encouraged lateral or out of the box thinking. Many of the students have sent in their work on the class WhatsApp groups imbued with a dazzling charm, waxing eloquent of the power of creative minds!

Update on new academic year 2020-21
Posted April 19, 2020

Keeping the well-being of the students, parents and staff at the centre of decision making, the last academic year 2019-2020 ended smoothly but at an earlier date, for which New Era High School is grateful for the outstanding support of all.


Being confident of your faith in the decisions of the school and looking at the current scenario in India, there is an announcement by the school administration for the new academic year 2020-21. 


The same is available both in English as well as in Hindi language for your comfort. Please click the preferred language button below to access the same.

* Events for Calendar year 2021-22 is mentiontion below

Upcoming Events


MON NOV 15, 8:00 AM

- Classes resume after the Diwali Break.

MON  NOV 22 - 27, 8:00 AM


- Commemoration Week: ‘The Centenary of the Ascension of 'Abdu'l-Bahá’.  (Classes I- XII)

FRI DEC 03, 8:00 AM


- Class XII Term 1 Offline Exam begins.

SAT DEC 11, 8:00 AM

- Class X Term 1 Offline Exam ends.

- Class IX and XI Boarders report to school. (Tentative)

MON DEC 13, 8:00 AM


- Class IX , XI Term 1 Offline Exam begins. (tentative)

SAT DEC 18,  3:00 PM

- Class IX,  XI Term 1 Offline Exam ends. (Tentative)

MON DEC 20, 8:00 AM

-  Class IX JYSEP Camp begins.

- General Knowledge: ‘Proactive Minds’ for Classes VI–VIII commences.

TUE DEC 21,  3:00 PM 

- Class XII Term 1 Offline Exam ends.

- Observation of the National Mathematics Day.

FRI  DEC 24, 3:00 PM


-Class IX JYSEP Camp ends.


- Christmas.

MON DEC 27, 08:00 AM

- Virtual Moral Camp for Classes I –V begins.

WED  DEC 29, 03:00 PM


- Virtual Moral Camp for Classes I –V ends.



- Short Break for New Year begins.

- Exeat for Classes IX-XII begins. (Tentative)

SUN JAN 02, 6:00 PM

- Short Break for New Year ends.

- Exeat for Classes IX-XII ends. Boarders of Classes IX-XII report to school.

MON JAN 17, 8:00 AM

-Periodic Test 3 for Classes I to XII begins.

SAT JAN 22, 12:00 PM

-Periodic Test 3 for Classes I to XII ends.

MON JAN 24, 8:00 AM

-Classes VI and VIII JYSEP Camp begins.

WED JAN 26, 8:00 AM

-Republic Day.

SAT JAN 29, 3:00 PM

-Classes VI and VIII JYSEP Camp ends.

FRI FEB 04, 4:00 PM

-SMS for Periodic Test 3, Classes I to XII.

SAT FEB 05, 3:00 PM

-PTM for Classes I to XII commences.

FRI JAN 11, 8:00 AM

-Middle School Exhibition and Social Science Fest.

- Celebrations and Reflections on Spirituality (Bal Mela).

MON JAN 14, 8:00 AM

-Preliminary Exams for Classes X and XII begins.

SAT FEB 19, 3:00 PM

- Preliminary Exams for Classes X and XII ends.

- Entrance Test –Round 1.

SAT MAR 05, 8:00 AM

- Entrance Test – Round 2.

SAT MAR 19, 8:00 AM

-Classes resume after the Short Break for New Year.

- Virtual Classes for Classes I-VIII resume.



WED MAR 23, 8:00 AM

- Annual Examinations begins for classes I - IX & XI

- (Term II Examination for Classes X and XII - tentative)

SAT APR 02, 8:00 AM

- Academic Year ends.

- Entrance Test –Day Boarders.