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Fortis Adhuc Humilis -Strong Yet Humble

It was an unforgettable morning on December 29, 2022, with the school ground blessed with ‘lux solarise or the luminous light of the sun lending a radiant glow to each face as the school torch was carried onto the field, followed by the hoisting of the school flag by the honourable chief guest, Mr Girish Dapkekar, the Chief Officer of Panchgani. The weeks of early morning rising and training of students by the physical education team of the school culminated in an impressive march past as the four clusters, Harmony, Peace, Respect and Wisdom, donning the blue, green, red and yellow caps of their respective houses marched ahead in perfect symmetry and coordination, followed by the motivational music by the school band. The oath-taking ceremony inspired all and the annual athletic meet was declared open by the chief guest.

Prior to the Athletic Meet, the students had participated in three days of Heats held on December 22, 23 and 24, 2022 partaking with enthusiasm in the various events and setting new records for the upcoming batches to break!

The ebullient and blithesome faces of the young athletes from Primary to Senior Secondary shone with joy as they ran races of 50m, 80m, 100m, 200m, mixed relays and 4x100m relays. The students of the Primary School delighted all with their cute Obstacles’ Race, the Flower Drill, and the Pyramid formation reflecting a team effort, as did the Middle School students with their Dumbbell Drill as its origins were shared in the background. The cooperative games by the young ones of Class II added to the charm.

The Secondary and Senior Secondary students lent their vigour and athletic experience to the various races and sporting events breaking some records and setting new ones!

The Malkhambh which is the traditional gymnastics activity of Maharashtra was performed with panache by the young athletes from Primary to Secondary School, displaying mental and physical acumen, flexibility and balance.

The 80 metres run by women and men (parents and guests) added charisma to the activities of the day and the participation was so prodigious that two athletes ran in one track reminding one of the facts that the stadium was packed to capacity by parents and guests right till the end.

The mixed relay by staff members, prefects, captains and ex-students added fervour to the event as did ‘the tug of love’ between staff members and parents, delightedly and amusingly leading to the triumph of the former with some hilarious assistance by the energetic students of the school!

The event was also marked by the interviewing of parents, participants, ex-students and staff members who shared their thoughts most generously with the Editorial Board Team of students who had organised themselves in pairs to interview them.

The prize distribution ceremony was a much-awaited event honouring the participants of the four houses and the record breakers as well as the setters of new records! The individual and general championships were announced eliciting an uproar amongst the students.

The closing address of the Head of Administration, Ms Suniti Jha effectively encapsulated the essence of the event which was a victory of sportsmanship, camaraderie and team spirit manifested in the flat victory stand whereupon the three winners stood in a straight line portentous of the school’s belief in the spirit of cooperation, rather than competition.

Interdisciplinary Exhibition - Middle School
Posted January 16, 2023

The Social Science Theatre Fest and the Annual Interdisciplinary Exhibition of the Middle School were held on December 28, 2022, honored by Dr. Shrikant Malegaonkar and Dr. Tejaswini Malegaonkar as the Chief Guests who believe that ‘Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.’

The venue glittered with colorful vocational trinkets prepared by the young artists. There was an array of displays from the various trades like embossing, soft toys, photo frames, jute, pottery, welding, DIY, and so on. The on-lookers were spellbound at the sight and wondered whether these were made by the children. The exhibition had a variety of working and still models prepared by the skilled hands of the students. The exhibition provided the students an opportunity to showcase their creativity and innovation in preparing working models based on scientific principles. It helped them in their research and to broaden their scientific knowledge as well as other subjects as it was an interdisciplinary exhibition.

In addition to the regular stalls this year there was an intriguing one set up for the sale of the Science Journal written by thirteen junior youths of Class VIII after a lot of research on a case study guided by their Science teacher.

The canteen area was overcrowded as the food stall of mouthwatering delicacies prepared by the Vegetarian Cooking students was put up there. The funds raised at the stall as customers will be used for the benefit of the underprivileged children in the vicinity. The parents were in awe after eating such delicious pav bhaji and cheese corn bolls. They were also proud of their children who had exhibited such beautiful models.

Preserving Our Perishing Pals: Fuels - Book Launch!
Posted January 16, 2023

It is indeed irrefutable that the power of intellectual investigation and research is an eternal blessing and a supreme gift of God to man. Driven by the thirst for knowledge and having a strong desire to know more about the consumption of fuels, thirteen students of Class VIII guided by their Science teacher set out on investigating the causes and effects of inconsiderate consumption of fuels such as coal and petroleum. The team not only carried out research but also ended up with various solutions for preserving the perishing pals, and the fuels. This study was further recorded in a case study book written by the students themselves, titled, ‘Preserving Our Perishing Pals: Fuels, which was released on December 28, 2022.


The book was released by the esteemed guests, Dr Shrikant Malegaonkarand Dr Tejaswini Malegaonkar who has authored books, produced TV serials on Labour Laws and written more than fifty articles on diverse issues of law. The chief guests revealed the cover page of the book and also shed insights on the content of the book. The launch was followed by the book signing by the thirteen authors of the book, viz. Netra S. Gupta, Parishi M. Panchigar, Vaidehi J. Patel, Devanshi R. Solanki, Shriveda M. Teli, Kenisha S. Shah, Purvi V. Reddy, Kavya G. Khanna, Adhiraj P. Agarwal, Aaryaman A. Kumar, Pradnyesh P. Pol, Yug M. Gupta and Anirudh J. Makhijani, affixing their signatures to the book. The authors also read out excerpts from the book to give the audience a peek into the book written by them. Thereafter, copies of the book were available for those keen to purchase it and the book garnered great appreciation from parents, students and visitors. The book has an ISBN, International Standard Book Number and is registered under the Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Education, Government of India.


It is available on various databases, worldwide. The launch of this book has added an additional feather to the cap of New Era High School which strives to produce promoters of social transformation imbued with the spirit of service to mankind. The book beautifully integrated with the other branches of knowledge such as Art, Poetry, and Language, also records the emotional and spiritual journey of the students as they endeavoured to discover their true capacity with a noble intention of the betterment of the world. The book encompasses elements such as interviews with experts, complex collection of data, analysis, interpretation and actual initiatives undertaken by the team as active contributors.


This book, published by New Era, will definitely go down in the history of New Era High School. It is envisioned that these thirteen inspiring pioneer authors will further guide the students of Classes VI-VIII and aid them in research on various themes. Their experience will be a guiding light for the future endeavours embarked upon by the other students across the school

The Heats Programme of the Annual Athletic Meet 2022-23.
Posted January 16, 2023