Dear New Era Family,

It's a delight to inform you that today the day scholars of Class XII appeared in- person for their first Preliminary Exam on campus, after a long hiatus caused by the pandemic.

The boarders of Class XII will arrive on the 25th of January, 2021 onwards followed by Class X on the 31st of January, 2021.

We earnestly request all for your unwavering support, positivity and prayers in this renewed beginning for our beloved students, staff and school.

The Eloquent Evenings!
Posted February 12, 2021

The Eloquent Evenings!

“O ye loved ones of God! Drink your fill from the wellspring of wisdom, and soar ye in the atmosphere of wisdom, and speak forth with wisdom and eloquence.” – Baha’u’llah

While the world found itself under the spell of a debilitating pandemic, the students of NEHS spurred on by their language teachers, rose above all tribulations and participated in a series of eloquent events held virtually on October 28, 29, 30, 31 and November 09, 2020 for the students of Classes VI to XII.

The articulate evenings were preceded by the selection of literary pieces and excerpts from Holy Writings selected by the teachers of English and Second Languages: French, Hindi, Gujarati and Marathi. These aficionados of language and literature spent a week recording the literary pieces with exemplary renderings which in the words of a teacher of English, “served as the right tool to grasp the required intonations, pronunciations, expressions, stress and pauses” for the purpose of training the students after which they were to receive the videos of the students’ performances to be reviewed.

The second round comprised of the class presentations followed by the peer review round which included the feedback by the listeners. After this meticulous process, the front-runners were selected for the final Elocution presentation. The efforts of all the students who participated earnestly in the first two rounds were equally appreciated.

Given below are the thoughts shared by mentors from the English and S.L Faculties about the succession of graceful events:

“The participants put in their heart and soul into their performances which was visible in the appreciation by the parents and teachers present during the event.”

“The students did a wonderful job of using facial expressions and just a few hand gestures to recite, narrate and emote. The characters seemed to have come alive in the poems and the stories. Not unlike the school auditorium, the virtual platform echoed with the spectacular diction, intonation, lyrics and the emotions of the participants. Another feather in the cap was the inclusion of the second languages in the elocution. The anchors very confidently interwove the various participants into an impressive and sparkling evening of eloquence.”

“Preparing children to speak eloquently is a way of motivating them to overcome their fear of public speaking. The students were encouraged to participate in elocution to instil a sense of confidence in them. The pandemic has confined the students to their homes for almost eight months and that could have proved detrimental to the young generation. The ability to speak on a virtual platform enabled them to shed their inhibitions and come forward to speak eloquently and confidently on pieces penned by renowned literary personalities in the world. The evening saw an array of performances by the budding speakers who will surely revolutionize a whole generation by their capacity. The words of ʻAbdu'l-Bahá encapsulated the wisdom that is necessary for the present times as did the words of the authors, poets and world leaders. The melodious poems and silken speeches all denoted the power and capabilities of these students who fearlessly expressed themselves and won the hearts of the virtual audience comprising of their parents, teachers and friends.”

“As every cloud has a silver lining, the purpose of elocution, especially during the current pandemic was to give the students a platform and motivate them to display their oratory skills which are pivotal for their personality development. In spite of the absence of the school auditorium, the participants hit the nail on the head with their eloquence and marvellous performances. After a long journey of online practice sessions with their mentors and at home the participants performed with great poise, rendered voice modulations, diction, articulation, enunciation, used gestures while narrating the excepts, set the audience spell bound and relived the characters. Some of them even dressed up as their characters…!”

In the words of one of the teachers from the S.L. faculty, “This was a very proud moment for their parents and for me being their teacher. I feel extremely grateful for having such intelligent students with me. The parents have appreciated the efforts and they were very happy.”

This was an observation about the presence of parents, “The parents were greatly thanked for sparing valuable time to witness the elocution. Their presence was indeed very encouraging to all the participants. The parents expressed their views and showered the students and teachers with praise for their efforts and the immense hard work put in to make the event a great success.”

It is noteworthy to mention that the students surpassed themselves not just by their eloquence but also by their elegant formal outfits, power-point presentations, background music, their strikingly vibrant, dramatic and creative virtual and physical backgrounds which resonated the themes of their renditions and were a cherry on the cake!

The Divine Educators, authors, world leaders and poets would have been filled with pride if they would have heard the students render their work with such great conviction, confidence and coherence! William Shakespeare would have definitely said, “All’s well that ends well!”

Please click the link below and select the video of your specific class:

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Std VIII - JYSEP Camp 2020-21 - Spirit of Faith
Posted November 02, 2020

O Son of Being! Thou art My lamp and My light is in thee.

The students of standard VIII are meeting virtually this week for a junior youth spiritual empowerment camp of the book Spirit of Faith that aims at helping the junior youth learn more about the purpose of their existence as spiritual beings in conjunction with the natural world around them and encourages them to think about the purpose of physical reality in a spiritual and scientific way. Understanding the myriad concepts of physical and spiritual reality and using them into becoming better human beings brought an enthusiastic approach into the hearts of the junior youth.


The study of lesson 1 was combined with the activity of making identity cards that revealed their true identity and helped them comprehend their inner powers and abilities which lie as a hidden treasure within them. It helps them realise not to be careless of the virtues which they have been endowed and neither be neglectful of their high destiny.


The junior youth embarked on the second day of the Class 8 camp based on the book “Spirit of Faith “with unparalleled vigour and enthusiasm. They were on a journey to gather knowledge about the higher nature and lower nature of every substance around them that belonged to the material, animal and human kingdom. They understood that man alone is endowed with a free will that allows them to choose between right and wrong. Animals are captives of their own desires and instinct but man has been created to carry forward an ever advancing civilisation. The junior youth were able to assimilate the importance of creating good in society in order to fight the evil prevalent around them.


The activity of drawing a candle that symbolises the Light of God which helps to remove the darkness from the world was met with immense creativity and beautiful examples of the glowing candles filled the virtual atmosphere with colour and light. The junior youth also memorised the quotations with sincerity that would help them to overcome any obstacles in their path towards being the sum of all perfections. " Love is light in whatsoever house it may shine and enmity is darkness in whatsoever abode it dwell.”


The junior youth understood from the book Spirit of Faith Lesson 3, two very interesting concepts and made crafts based on these two.


....there is a frame. On this frame, parallel strands of yarn are stretched tightly from one end to the other. The weaver uses a variety of yarns of different colors to weave through these strands and create a pattern. One of the early believers heard ‘Abdu’l-Bahá saying that we are like weavers. We have been given the frame and the strands. We have also been given the yarns to weave with, which you could say are all the talents and powers we are born with. This is our fate. But we choose the design that is to be woven on the loom. We have freedom over our actions. Each action creates a small part of the pattern. The complete work is who we grow up to be. Through free will and volition we develop the powers and talents God has bestowed upon us.” God has given us different capacities. Somebody may be good at biology, while someone else may have a talent for music. But we all have been given what is necessary to develop as noble beings. It is not correct, therefore, to blame fate for our shortcomings. When we do that, we stop trying to improve ourselves."


God is aiding us all the time. He never leaves us alone. It is like a sailing boat; the power to move comes from the wind and not from the boat itself. But it is the captain who uses the wind to take the boat to its destination. All power comes from God. Without His aid we are powerless. When we only look at ourselves, all we see is weakness. But when we turn to God and implore His aid and assistance, we find the strength to do what is pleasing to Him.

Such extremely interesting affinities created a unique curiosity in the young minds and helped them seek their true purpose of existence.


On 2nd October a day to commemorate the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of the Nation the junior youth along with their parents assembled for a virtual gathering to display their learning during the week that they had so diligently spent to enhance their understanding into attaining perfection in life. The parents joyfully watched the youth chant prayers ,quote Holy Writings, sing melodious songs, narrate soulful poemsand express perceptive thoughts on the content of the book Spirit of Faith studied by them. The parents were blessed to witness the learning’s of their child and the intense understanding of various concepts like nobility, two natures of the human being, free will ,destiny, the power of the intellect, evolution and finally the Spirit of Faith which gives meaning to everything. With joyful essence each parent witnessed these junior youth put forward profound ideas that would help them navigate their life with the guidance provided by God’s heavily spirit.


On the last day, the Junior Youth engaged themselves in an activity of making a bird that signifies humanity its two wings that are men and women. Without these two wings, humanity is not possible. It illumines their knowledge to dissipate the darkness of superstition and prejudice from the heartand minds prevailing in society today. Human spirit alone, no matter how much we develop, cannot make us of anything more than an intelligent species. It is through belief in God and His Manifestations that we become aware of our nobility, become convinced that we are spiritual beings —God’s lamps, God’s dominion and His treasury, saplings which He has planted with the hand of Loving kindness. They learnt that the Spirit of Faith opens our eyes and gives us a special wisdom, the wisdom to see the material and spiritual rewards that come from obeying God’s teachings and the sad consequences of disobedience.


‘The Spirit of Faith is the flame of reality, the life of humanity and the cause of eternal illumination. It inspires man to attain the virtues and perfections of the divine world.’

Update on new academic year 2020-21
Posted April 19, 2020

Keeping the well-being of the students, parents and staff at the centre of decision making, the last academic year 2019-2020 ended smoothly but at an earlier date, for which New Era High School is grateful for the outstanding support of all.


Being confident of your faith in the decisions of the school and looking at the current scenario in India, there is an announcement by the school administration for the new academic year 2020-21. 


The same is available both in English as well as in Hindi language for your comfort. Please click the preferred language button below to access the same.

* Events for Calendar year 2021-22 is mentiontion below

Upcoming Events



- First Day of Ridvan

THUR  APR 21, 8:00 AM


- Academic Year 2021-22 commences online for Classes I-X and XII

- Parents’ Orientation for Class XII.

THUR APR 22, 5:00 PM (Tentative)


- Parents’ Orientation for     Class X

FRI  APR 23, 5:00 PM (Tentative)

- Parents’ Orientation for      Class IX



- Ninth Day of Ridvan

THUR  APR 29, 28 3:00 PM

- Parents’ Orientation -Class I to Class V. (parents of newly joined students only)

SAT  MAY 01, 29

- Twelfth Day of Ridvan.

- Maharashtra Day.

MON MAY 03, 31 3:00 PM (tentative)


- New Students’ Orientation Programme for Classes VII –IX begins.

SAT  MAY 08, NOV 2 , 3 3:00 PM


-New Students’ Orientation Programme for Classes VII –IX ends.

- Parents’ Gathering for Classes VII –IX. (parents of newly joined students)

FRI  May 14,

- Ramzan Eid

WED  MAY 19, 03:00 PM

- New Students’ Orientation Programme for Classes I-VI begins.

SAT  MAY 22, 03:00 PM


- New Students’ Orientation Programme for Classes I-VI ends.

- Parents’ Gathering for Classes I-VI.(parents of newly joined students only)



- Anniversary of the Declaration of The Báb.

MON MAY 24, 8:00 AM


- Art and Yoga Workshops for Classes VI-IX commences.