Congratulations to Class X and XII Students, Teachers and Parents!
Posted September 16, 2021

Presenting before you the highlights of Class X and XII 2020-21 CBSE result which is the culmination of the consistent efforts of the past years by students and teachers, considering that the marks of Classes IX and X for class X results and X, XI, and XII for class XII results were taken into account for the final result tabulation of Class X and XII. Thus, the final assessment mirrors a just, fair, and objective result, principally, both in letter and spirit, as per the expectation by the CBSE Board. The top scorers are a fascinating blend of girls and boys, boarders and day scholars, the students who had joined the school in Class XI, and those who had been with the school since Primary! The high subject averages also reflect the care and attention taken for those students who had required greater effort.

Kudos for emerging resilient and persevering during the times of the pandemic and achieving a great result for Class X and XII CBSE 2020-21!

Celebrating the 76th Foundation Day of NEHS with Grateful Hearts!
Posted August 02, 2021

On a rainy Sunday, on August 1, 2021, when the school seemed deserted and barren due to the absence of students on campus, a pleasant and auspicious Foundation Day commenced with the visit of two ex- students, who have long been the cherished friends of the school, the symbols of the worldwide love of NEHS.

They arrived with a token of affection, to strengthen bonds of affinity and friendship that each have grown up with, reminiscing the solidarity shared by all around the world bound with the NEHS family. On this occasion, we fondly remember those who have sacrificially rendered their service to this organisation. May our bonds of love grow stronger.

A Happy Foundation Day to all well wishers of New Era High School!

Experiments with the Time Tested Turmeric!
Posted August 02, 2021

In a series of science related activities allotted to the Middle School students, one held everyone's attention, as a perfectly cliché household product such as Turmeric not just proved accurately a scientific hypothesis but also acquired the proportions of a fine art. The activity given to the students was to test the effect of turmeric as an indicator on acid and base. Materials like lemon juice as an acid and detergent solution as a base which are easily available at home were used.The students were given prior explanations followed by this activity. As turmeric is seen yellow in acids but turns bright red with bases, the students were guided to use their indicators to test household chemicals and determine which were basic. They actively participated and depicted on canvas and paper their creative ideas as well as their understanding about the concept learnt in the class, doubtlessly establishing the fact that a little amount of innovation exercised in the classroom can lead to great learning!

Excellence in all things! Certificate of Merit by CBSE
Posted June 15, 2021

New Era High School heartily congratulates the students of Class X of the Academic Year 2019-20 for having been awarded the Certificate of Merit by CBSE in specific subjects in order to recognize their outstanding performance at the Secondary School Examination and for being in the top 0.1% in the country. The following students have received the honour in the subjects mentioned alongside their names:






These students and many of their friends have also excelled in the arena of service, having been volunteers in the school’s various service projects and have participated elegantly in a number of school programmes and activities. 

The coherent life they strive to live is hereby reflected in the accolade bestowed upon them by the Board which is indeed the result of their teachers' and their own relentless hard-work and determination. Well done!

Our Hearts are Enkindled with His Love - Heal the World!
Posted June 07, 2021

"When we converse with God each day, our love for Him grows stronger, and we feel closer to Him. Our hearts are enkindled with His love, and our souls become joyful. God loves us more than we can possibly imagine. We pray at times of difficulty and at times of great gladness! "

As a beautiful endeavour to instil in the hearts of students love for prayer, which is a conversation with God and to deepen their understanding about its infinite power to uplift humanity from the throes of disaster, special interactive devotional gatherings titled, ‘Heal the World’ were initiated by New Era High School. In this venture over 29 groups of people from across the world, all the staff members of NEHS and its 800 students prayed fervently for mercy and protection. All were called upon to beseech the Almighty daily for the wellbeing and good health of the entire world grappling with the pandemic. The concept of prayers was shared with them along with a special healing prayer in four different languages to be chanted daily to draw healing and protection for the entire New Era family and the world at large.

Striving to Walk on the Path of Excellence.
Posted June 07, 2021

Thus, what could have been a non-productive and low-slung period of their lives, transformed into a blessed time full of vigour and joy for Class XII students as well as their junior youth group giving them a gentle reprieve as well as a meaningful recourse.

Update on new academic year 2020-21
Posted April 19, 2020

Keeping the well-being of the students, parents and staff at the centre of decision making, the last academic year 2019-2020 ended smoothly but at an earlier date, for which New Era High School is grateful for the outstanding support of all.


Being confident of your faith in the decisions of the school and looking at the current scenario in India, there is an announcement by the school administration for the new academic year 2020-21. 


The same is available both in English as well as in Hindi language for your comfort. Please click the preferred language button below to access the same.

* Events for Calendar year 2021-22 is mentiontion below

Upcoming Events


TUE SEPT 14, 9:00 AM

- Hindi Day Celebration

TUE  SEPT 21, 9:00 AM


- Peace Celebrations for Primary School.

- Adolescence Education Workshop for Classes VI – IX commence.

MON SEPT 27, 9:00 AM


- Mathematics Workshop for Classes VI-VIII

SAT OCT 02, 8:00 AM

- Gandhi Jayanti Celebration

MON OCT 04, 8:00 AM


- Periodic Test 2 for Classes I – XII begins.

SAT OCT 09,  12:00 PM

- Periodic Test 2 for Classes I – XII ends.

MON OCT 11, 9:00 AM

-  Sports Week commences.

- Moral Camp for Class VI and Class IX begins.

SAT OCT 16,  3:00 PM 

- Moral Camp for Class VI and Class IX ends.

TUE  OCT 19, 3:00 PM


-SMS for Periodic Test 2 results.

FRI OCT 22, 3:00 PM

- Online PTM for Classes I – XII commences.

FRI  OCT 29, 04:00 PM

- Celebrations and Reflections on Spirituality (Kishore Mela)

SAT  OCT 30, 08:00 AM


- Diwali Vacation begins (tentative).



- Celebration of the Birth Anniversary of the Bab.


- Celebration of the Birth Anniversary of Bahaullah.

MON NOV 15, 8:00 AM


- Classes resume after the Diwali Vacation(tentative).