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The dormitory provides a home away from home and plays a very important role in a student’s life in the boarding school.


At New Era we take care to see that in every one of our 23 dormitories, our children receive the same loving care and attention as they would at home.


This is the place where they bond with their peers and forge ties with the dorm-parents. We try to ensure that the atmosphere in the dormitory is calm and peaceful. Prayer sessions are conducted every morning and night.


Students receive phone calls from their parents once a week on a specified day and time.

There are separate dorms for boys and girls. Each dorm is handled by a dorm-parent who looks into children’s wellbeing and studies.

There is a program of dorm visits by staff, in addition to the Dorm Parents, who teach songs, tell stories or supervise games and stimulate group discussions. Further, professionals from various fields also visit the dorms and interact with the students.

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