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Personal Appearance & Belongings:

1. Students are expected to be well dressed at all times. Girls are not allowed to wear minis, or transparent and tight fitting clothes. The boys must not come with overly baggy, low waist and shabby pants or sleeveless shirts. Pants and shirts must be decent and the right size.

2. When students return from holidays parents are requested to ensure that their wards have a proper short hair-cut (no mushroom or fancy styles for boys). Please check their hair for lice as the School takes great care that their hair is kept clean.

3. All students are expected to wear raincoats and rain shoes during the monsoon season. It will be preferable to buy Duck-back raincoats, as they are durable.

4. All personal belongings must be tagged with embroidered name-tags.

5. Students are instructed not to bring along any electrical appliances like hotplates, irons, heater rods and cookers. The School will confiscate the same. In addition, mobiles, cameras, radios, tape recorders, CD's, Disc-man, hairdryers etc., if found will be confiscated and not returned. If the students are found having mobile phones, they will not only be confiscated but also they will be charged a penalty of Rs.10,000/-. Therefore kindly ensure such items are not brought to School.

6. Students are allowed to bring only eatables such as dry fruits, fresh fruits, cheese, cereals, Bournvita, Milo and other nutritious drinks. Any tuck received at School either through parcel or post or through parents/guardians or friends will be confiscated. Please note that chewing gum is banned in the School.

7. Students are not allowed to have accounts in hotels and shops in town. Students of standards 6 & 7 may keep Rs.100/-, standards 8 & 9 are permitted Rs. 150/ and standard 10 & IGCSE are allowed to keep Rs. 200/- Any excess money on them will be confiscated.

8. The School is not responsible for any loss of gold jewelry and ornaments. To avoid loss of articles, parents are strongly advised that except for one pair of simple earrings for girls no other ornaments may be provided.

9. School students may wear simple watches, nothing elaborate and expensive.

10. Students should be encouraged to develop good habits. Cheap comics and vulgar books are not permitted, as also clothes which carry vulgar signs or language. We recommend good general knowledge books, intelligent quiz books, books based on discoveries, inventions, personalities, daily good thoughts, meaningful poetry, plays and fiction.


Vacation & Leave:

11. Students are not allowed to travel on their own. They can only travel with the School party, parents or guardians. If travelling with their guardian, parents must give the School a proper letter of authority at least two weeks in advance. No child will be allowed to go and stay with their friends during exeats or holidays. If parents/ guardians are unable to take their ward themselves, the authorized person must ensure that the ward is taken straight to his/her home.

12. Please note that except your own child no other child will be allowed to travel with your driver or maids.

13. It is your responsibility to ensure that your ward returns to School on time after each vacation. For students returning late, the School will only accept medical reports regarding major illness and hospitalization. A doctor's certificate for ordinary illnesses like fever, cold, coughs, etc will not be accepted. For students returning late from long holidays, parents will be charged a fine of Rs. 500:00 (Five Hundred) per day per student. If a student returns late after an exeat or short holidays, he / she will be charged Rs.1000/- per day as late fee.

14. You are allowed to visit your child once in a month. One full month must elapse before the next visit is approved.

15. Exeats are allowed as per the calendar. Standards 1-5 may leave after School on Friday at 3:30 p.m. and standards 6 and above can leave after School on Saturdays. All students must return by 6:00 p.m. on Sunday. An overnight stay on Sundays is not permitted. The signature of the Dorm Parent has to be obtained before the student leaves the campus.


Communications & Visits:

16. Parents may call their wards only on weekends. Each student is allowed only one fifteen minute call on Saturdays for Primary students and on Sundays for Secondary any time between 10:00AM to 7:00PM. Arrangements should be made amongst yourselves if parents or relatives are in separate places. For any emergency you may call the Student Affairs Office on (91) 2168 243221 and leave a message which will be passed on. If any matter is serious the School will make arrangements for the ward to call home.

17. Permission will not be granted for ceremonies, marriages, engagements of aunts, uncles and cousins during the School term. An exception of granting leave for one extra day coinciding with a weekend is permitted only if the marriage is of a blood brother or sister.


Damage to Property:

18. As you will appreciate, the School's property/material and supplies are valuable and precious. We expect your ward to respect the same. We will hold you responsible for the cost of any repair and replacement, should such items be defaced, broken or destroyed by your ward.

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