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Parent Teachers Association

"In this New Cycle, education and training are recorded in the Book of God as obligatory and not voluntary. That is, it is enjoined upon the father and mother, as a duty, to strive with all effort to train the daughter and the son, to nurse them from the breast of knowledge and to rear them in the bosom of sciences and arts." - ‘Abdu’l-Bahá


Just like a family, even Parents Teachers Association of New Era High School, through its harmonious functioning and the development and maintenance of the bonds of love that join together its members, strives to give constant expression to the truth that the well-being of the individual is inextricably bound to the progress and well-being of others. A fundamental role of the Parents Teachers Association of New Era High School, is to raise children who can assume responsibility for both their own spiritual growth and their participation in the advancement of civilization. As love and agreement strengthens in Parents Teachers Association, school will no doubt advance and become a source of illumination of young minds and souls!


New Era Family invites you to be a part of the Executive Committee of the Parents Teachers Association for 2023-2024. Please fill the below application form to nominate yourself by 23rd June 2023.

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