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At New Era, the Sports Department lays stress on instilling the values of sportsmanship, team-spirit, confidence and integrity even as it focuses on acquainting children with the intricacies of specific sports like football, cricket, badminton, athletics,etc. and helps them gain mastery over whatever is best suited to them.


We have two playing fields, two basket-ball court, two volley-ball courts, an indoor sports complex and a gymnasium, auditoriums for Badminton, Tennis and Carrom.

Children from Std VI onwards undergo morning conditioning. The crisp and pure early morning mountain air that children inhale lays the foundation for good health.


Physical Education is part of the curriculum and the children get to learn and play different sports under the guidance and supervision of the sports teachers. We also have an annual sports meet during which the students showcase their talents and capacities in various forms of sports like athletics, jumps, gymnastics and drills.


The School participates in a number of outside school District level, Zonal Level and National Level Tournaments.


We also have special clubs for coaching students in specific sports like: cricket, football, basket ball, lawn tennis, carom, chess, table tennis, skating and badminton.

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